Edirne was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire

the main monument in Edirne is

Selimiye Mosque – mosque which dominates the skyline of the city, built on a slightly higher hill than its surroundings,  grandiose piece of art by Sinan, the Ottoman architect of 16th century, Selimiye is usually considered the zenith of Ottoman architecture and has been listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO

mosque is decorated with four minarets, each about 79 meters high




Bursa was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire

In Bursa you would probably see some of the biggest Water Melons in the world.

Bursa has been listed World Heritage site by UNESCO

main places to visit in Bursa

Ulucamii is perhaps most reknown for the striking calligraphic panels that adorn its walls and columns as well as the fountain within the mosque

Yeşil Türbe is the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I

Tophane district area and have a bird view of Bursa from here

Karagoz musuem

Try the İskender kebap, a dish originated from Bursa.






ferry Istanbul to Bursa


Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey

Konak Square — Main square of the city center, famous for the clock tower, one of the unique symbols of Izmir

Alsancak — small streets with lots of bars in old Ottoman era houses



Çatalhöyük was a very large Neolithic and Chalcolithic proto-city settlement which existed from approximately 7500 BC to 5700 BC, and flourished around 7000 BC. inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site

its about  an hour’s drive away from Konya, The distance is about 45 km (28 miles).

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Menu: – Amritsari Swad Promoted By: JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity

While the temperature dwindles the desire to devour remains constant. This is the right time to show some Wakhra love as the Punjabi Food Festival is all set to give you a chance to experience Amritsari Swad, starting from 16th to 25th November at K3 JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity.

The 11 -day celebration lends to the glimpse of some traditional and authentic preparations by master of ‘Art of Spice’ Chef Sweety Singh who is also known as Harjinder Singh. He is specialised in preparing authentic Punjabi cuisine using his own combination of spices which he carries with himself where ever he goes.

Chef Sweety Singh said “I am glad that I have teamed-up with JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity to curate a memorable menu of mouth-watering Punjabi delicacies. Punjabi food does not lie in dollops of butter, red colouring and cashew flavouring, it is all about how well you sauté and let the main ingredient cook in the secret spices”.

The current festival gives the food connoisseur a wide range of Punjabi dishes to choose from – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Bhatti ka kukkad, lahori paneer tikka, meat diya seekha, Highway tandoori kukkad and a lot more to serve your hunger with. All prepared with homemade masalas and traditional style to keep the cultural Punjabi vibes alive.

The Chefs at K3 along with Chef Sweety Singh are dishing out these mouth – watering dishes for both lunch and dinner during the sumptuous festival. Melt in the mouth Seekha and Tikka, replete with flavor to start of the meal will flow into traditional dishes from the land of Punjab.


While you savour on the delicious meal, treat your sweet tooth with exotic Dessert by having the traditional Jalebi with laccha rabri’, for your delectable palate.


If you want to savour the true taste of Amritsari food along with the luxurious ambience, then you must pay a visit and try out the elaborate menu that is being offered.

The magic of Amritsari – Punjabi is all about the culture and the standard love so stop by at K3 at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity to satiate your hunger for Desi food.


Address:  Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Phone: +91 11 4521 2115
Date: 16th November – 26th November 2018

Hours: Lunch: 1230 hours- 1500 hours
Dinner: 1900 hours -2300 Hours


Menu: – Amritsari Swad


Promoted By: JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity


Pricing: Lunch (INR 2450++)

Dinner (INR 3150++)


My HQ workspaces

My HQ workspaces

The co working spaces have been on the rise dominantly in New Delhi/NCR  and have largely developed as a culture across the globe.Winessing the rise , the start-ups and even corporate are succumbing to the affordable and creative offices that break the monotony and confines of cublcles.

To evangelize  the generation of start-ups and freelancers and upbeat their creative quotient, startup named my HQ is building a chain of work friendly spaces. By curating and taking up non peak excess real estate inventory lying inside beautifully designed cafes/resturants/hotels/offices my HQ is establishing a chain of work friendly yet rent -free workspaces .Given the  many advantages that such work spaces offer. cost efficiency, employee motivation and retention , incrased productivity, this segemnt is gradually moving into boom mode across India.

my HQ  founded by two IIT graduates- utkarsh kawatra and Vinayak agrawal believes in providing an excellent work experience at a space near you. and in order to achieve the same, my HQ is investing strongly in technology which helps convert these everyday coffee spaces into a perfect work station with just a tap of button on the myHQ app, my HQ´s target audience is an eqyual split between entreneurs/independent freelancers and mobile corporate professionals.

Bahrain, Coolest Arab country to visit

Bahrain is the smallest country in GCC and one of the smallest countries in Asia, i was fortunate to visit this lovely country for 4 days in early jun 2018.

Manama is the capital of Bahrain

The former capital of Bahrain and the second biggest city is Muharraq, its also the more cultural side of Bahrain with historical old houses and the Pearl trail.Once the seat of government, the centre of the pearl trade and the hub of Bahrain life,  Muharraq. Traditional Islamic houses hide in narrow winding lanes.

Bahrain is one of the only Arab countries  with a synagogue.

Things to see in Bahrain

Qala’at al-Bahrain or Bahrain Fort is a UNESCO listed monument. Admission is free

Royal Camel Farm, Bahrain. This farm is open every day from sunrise to sunset, with free entry and free parking on-site

The Bahrain Pearling Trail or Bahrain Pearling Pathway is a serial cultural heritage site inscribed on the  UNESCO list.

Al-Fateh  Grand MosqueOne of the largest mosques in the world,  and is the largest place of worship in Bahrain. It is also one of the top tourist attractions in Bahrain. The dome is currently the worlds largest fibreglass dome

Bab Al Bahrain , Gateway of Bahrain is a historical building located in the Customs Square , it marks the main entrance to the Manama Souk,the monument essentially consists of a huge arch, below which runs a road, which is often referred to as the entrance to the Manama souq .

Manama Souq The souq is network of small lanes that houses small stores selling  souvenirs and gifts to electronic products, spices,  gold and jewelry shops

Old houses in Muharraq including Sheikh Isa Bin Ali House,  Traditional Islamic houses hide in narrow winding lanes,

Muharraq Souq. Muharraq is known for its traditional market selling fresh fruits and vegetables, local crafts ,everyday products,  traditional Arabic sweets, halwa which are made in Muharraq

Block 338 is a charming pedestrian quarter crammed with international restaurants, art galleries and small boutiques

The Bahrain International Circuit ,The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East is a motorsport venue opened in 2004 and used for drag racing, GP2 series and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix, the 2004 Grand Prix was the first one held in the Middle East.

do something quirky

try some Camel burger at Adilya

and try sheesha at Adilya

window shopping at Moda Mall, Moda Mall is located on the ground floor of the iconic Bahrain World Trade Center(BWTC)



Bahrain Pearling Trail


Bahrain International Circuit,The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East


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Bab Al Bahrain , Gateway of Bahrain

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Royal Camel Farm

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Qala’at al-Bahrain or Bahrain Fort

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Camel Burger






Al Areen Palace and spa

I visited Bahrain as a FAM TRIP Sponsored By Bahrain Tourism Board . I  was hosted at Al Areen Palace and spa and sightseeing by Mattias Tourism

To invite me on a similar trip, email  sygoyal@gmail.com 



Russian Cities, Romania

22851476_10156707624744638_1876431723_o15194325_1348865461804840_2912632437638963280_o22563589_10156676511119638_1523746319_oYaroslav Russia
Unesco site


Derbent Russia
Unesco site21231783_1754373377924921_1873131733214779901_n18839764_1382441605196963_1271036734257948326_o1545972_624941354229799_1411344637_n13659073_214881032246109_7843598362506644068_n

Bolgar Russia
Unesco site21731494_10214506635879927_4496146487918349038_o21994314_1456083971139494_6973359645640451810_o13680703_214095828991296_7673377396863970000_n17362570_1880898942180527_581291717742692904_n

Novgorod, Russia
First Capital of Russia

Metro stations in Moscow






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Banya This ancient bathhouse tradition is one of the most well known symbols of Russia



chebureki, Soviet street food

a traditional Tatar dish of deep-fried half-moon pies filled with meat or cheese15401185_1756143248042986_2467318548747814819_n13123106_1064719916927325_3039821349687368769_o

Pishki Russian doughnuts10007302_386839054789885_1312254504_o20840660_1529111897165129_322452104582577045_n



Nicholas Naval cathedral




Hermitage Bridge





Stroganoff Russian dish


The world-famous Amber room, Catherine palace.
St Petersburg